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The lesser-striped Elle lives in the wilds of North-west England and as such operates on GMT. She's online most afternoons and evenings until 2/3 AM GMT, and welcomes contact for questions, general prodding and plotting. Leave crit here or come directly to me!
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Player Name: Elle
Player Contact: AIM: Got Materia, Plurk: evildoers
Currently Played: n/a

Character Name: Tsuruhime
Canon Name: Sengoku Basara
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Knotwork was something Tsuruhime enjoyed doing immensely - rather, it was one of the nearly infinite number of things about her world that she enjoyed. And spending time with people was another, and Oichi was one more on top of that! It was a great day. The sun was shining behind gentle clouds, and the sea was gentle beneath the small boat she'd taken them out in.

And today, she was teaching Oichi how to tie a certain type of knot whilst they waited for the wind to return.

"I don't wanna do this so fast you miss it, so..." She untied the rope between them again, "Please tell me if you need to see it again! There is no shame at all in asking for help from a comrade."


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